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N’Dambi, born Chonita Gilbert grew up in Dallas Texas, and was birthed into the world in 1970. Her introduction to musical instruments such as piano, and the clarinet came at an early age, but her first love truly was for singing. Chonita was brought into the universe during the hippie movement/period; the disco culture was the main musical craze; however her parents would listen to church music, which mainly includes Gospel. Her father would convey music from Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette, so her pop influences were strong as well as her strong soul and funk, which in her future proved her strongest influences. At the beginning she would be heard singing around the house ‘Millie Jackson – If Loving You Is Wrong/I don’t want to be right’, in the bathroom. This also shows in her debut album ‘Little Lost Girls Blue’, she would show off her vocal talents in her parent’s church, which would often have filled seats. Her same talent would soon be picked up by the big audiences in the talent competitions that Chonita would enter during her University years. She was a student of Southern Methodist, who eventually graduated with a degree in English in 1994. After her graduation she cut a demo tape to have hope in getting a role for the south Dallas cultural centre, however, this failed, but she would come to meet future friend and collaborator Erika Wright, artistically known as Erykah Badu.


N’Dambi would soon become her adopted stage name, which means “most beautiful”. The two artists became close friends and began performing together at hip-hop nights, organized by N’Dambi’s cousin from the art gallery, onasale. Erykah Badu would later attract the attention from the Universal Records executives, and this took the career of both world-wide. Badu would release albums and N’Dambi would be backing vocalist on tour with her, along with Vivian Green and Yahzarah, and many others. She would appear on the David Latterman show, and other shows. ‘Baduizm’ would be the true show case of both talents, where N’Dambi would be backing vocalist, with Karen Bernod and Yahzarah. The three + Ebi and her tight band, however, when N’Dambi released her debut album for her solo career she would no longer at her shows say “I am the backing vocalist of Erykah Badu”, why would she? She has the vocal talent that is of high levels and skills…so her audiences would only await her presence on stage. N’Dambi’s future career was looking bright, she would (up to now) release ‘Tunin Up & Co-Signing’ and her anticipated third album that is still due for release. N’Dambi has her own company called Cheeky-I Productions, and is in complete creative control. While being back up vocalist for Ebi, she probably felt a sense of with draw, because there was so much to come out of N’Dambis soul, now, she is able to do this, and what a beautiful soul she has.


Matthew Daniel [Just Soul]

Little Lost Girls Blues (1998) [Cheeky-I]

  1. Picture This
  2. Deep
  3. Rain
  4. What's Wrong With You
  5. The Meeting
  6. See Ya In My Dreams
  7. Lonely Woman
  8. Soul From The Abyss
  9. The Sunshine
  10. Can This Be Love
  11. I Think For Sure
  12. Broke My Heart
  13. Crazy World
  14. Lonely Woman (Interlude)
Little Lost Girls Blues
Little Lost Girls Blues
Tunin Up & Cosignin' (2003) [Soulbrother]

  1. Daydreamer
  2. Lonely Woman/Eva's Song
  3. Call Me
  4. People
  5. See U In My Dreams
  6. Bitter Bitter Blue
  7. I Think 4 Sure
  8. Whats Wrong With U
  9. Soul From The Abyss
  10. Picture This/Can This Be Love
  11. Sunshine
  12. Ode2Nina
Tunin Up & Cosignin'
Tunin Up & Cosignin'
A Weird Kinda Wonderful (2005) [Village Again]

  1. Young Lady
  2. Can’t Change Me
  3. Hey U
  4. Insecurity
  5. Soft And Wet
  6. Get On Up
  7. Hot Oven
  8. Pointy Toe (Interlude)
  9. If We Were Alone (featuring Keite Young)
  10. Love
  11. Time Passes By
  12. Preacher Preacher
A Weird Kinda Wonderful
A Weird Kinda Wonderful
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