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DJ Queen of Spades
  DJ Queen of Spades  
DJ Queen of Spades [August 19th 2007]

Christina aka DJ Queen of Spades is no stranger to the Toronto music scene. Being in the scene for 10 years, DJ Queen of Spades has entertained her audiences and fans a like spinning the best in R&B, Hip Hop and especially Old Skool.
First I want to thank you for doing this interview with me. So your mix tape is now out --- love the tracks.

Dwight: How did you get into DJ’ing?
DJ Queen of Spades: My girl Stasia actually introduced me to DJ'ing. We met in late 1996 and she was dabbling a bit in it. So when we started hanging out, I would go with her to the record store to buy records. I thought it was a cool hobby, so I started to buy them as well. We would mess around in her basement and I just got hooked. I eventually bought my own turntables and continued teaching myself how to DJ. And, I guess the saying goes "that's all she wrote"

Dwight: I know personally you are Prince fanatic. What is it about his music that gets you crazy?
DJ Queen of Spades: Prince is CRAZY!!! I could sit here all day and break down why he is the best artist. His talent is so far beyond that of any other, his creativity, his diversity and his ability to master any genre whether that is with writing, producing, singing or playing an instrument. You can just hear a song and know that he is a part of it.


Dwight: How has your experience been with being a female DJ in an almost exclusive male dominated career?
DJ Queen of Spades: Honestly, it has been great. I have been a part of the industry for several years, so I already have excellent relationships with many of the DJ's. They have been very supportive and have provided a lot of great advice to help me along. It has been an experience to play alongside them, since I have looked up to them musically for so long.

Dwight: Besides old skool music, what other kind of music do you enjoy DJ’ing?
DJ Queen of Spades: I love MUSIC!! I love everything from old skool to Not sure if some Shania would pan over in the clubs, but I love it. I am just a music lover all around. Reggae, soca, retro, hip-hop, rock and house.... you name it!

Dwight: Congratulations on your recent nomination for female DJ of the year for the 2007 Stylus DJ Awards. How do you feel about your nomination?
DJ Queen of Spades: It is hard to describe the feeling when I heard that I had made the list. It felt like my hard work, dedication and love had paid off and it was great. Just to have a Female DJ of The Year category in an award show like this is such an honour. We have to be recognised for our contributions in this industry and I am glad that they introduced this category. (Next year, the award is

Dwight: What do you most enjoy about being a DJ?
DJ Queen of Spades: Mainly, it’s the feeling I get when I am playing. Not only do I get to hear and embrace the music, I am creating my own feeling. I am mixing, I am selecting the tunes, and I am building the vibe that others are jamming to. I love to see the crowd’s reaction to the music that I play.

Dwight: And the least?
DJ Queen of Spades: My lack of sleep! It's a bit tough being out late all the time. I have lost a lot of my spare time as well. I love what I am doing though, so it makes up for it.

Dwight: How long have you been in the business for?
DJ Queen of Spades: I have been in the business for about 10 years now. I began DJ'ing in 1996 more as a hobby. Then there have been some breaks from then 'til now, but that is when I initially started.

Dwight: How do you feel about the current Toronto club scene?
DJ Queen of Spades: Well, it has definitely changed over the past few years. I think that has a great deal to do with the people and music. We are in a new generation of partygoers and music. I am not really happy with any of it right now. I am just glad I get the chance to give people a good music lesson when I play My heart is ol’ skool for life!

Dwight: I personally prefer house party jams, they were a lot more intimate and everyone knew everyone, but they seem to be diminishing lately. As a DJ what are your experiences and opinions between house parties and clubs?
DJ Queen of Spades: I feel the same. You will always get a more intimate vibe in a house party. I miss them just as much as you do. Beating the furnace, taking a bubble on the back wall by the
I like the clubs as well, but it’s harder to read the vibe ‘cause it is so much bigger. A little harder to please the people, ‘cause you have to determine what the people are looking for.

Dwight: Prince or Soca? Which would you prefer?
DJ Queen of Spades: Are you serious??? lol Prince baby!!! Do not get me wrong, I love me some soca, but I grew up on Prince. And, as per my above response, he is the greatest!! lol

Dwight: I am a firm believer that the R&B music today is just not the same as it was back in the day. People used to sing about love and how they were happy. Now it's about how I should have cheated on you and "to the left to the left." What are your thoughts on this?
DJ Queen of Spades: I could not agree with you more! If you come to a party I am spinning at, you will hear that I play as much ol' skool as possible. The music of today will never be able to compare. The values and principles of music have diminished over time. I argue with people all the time on how frustrated I presently am with the turn music has taken.

Dwight: When DJ Queen of Spades is not spinning or listening to Prince (LOL) what does she do?
DJ Queen of Spades: I spend time with my daughter. I (it is a weakness), I try to catch up on sleep... Usually, I am doing something associated with music though. Even though I am not playing, I always have to do something related.

Dwight: What kind of music would we find in your crates?
DJ Queen of Spades: What do you want to hear?? LOL

Dwight: And your personal CD collection?
DJ Queen of Spades: I am an R'n'B girl! You can find anything from Prince to Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, R. Kelly, Megan Rochelle, Lionel Ritchie, Rick James, and Shai..... I love everything, but in my "alone" time it's usually r'n'b.

Dwight: Any advice you would to like to give to anyone (particularly females) who is interested in DJ’ing?
DJ Queen of Spades: Do not let the stereotyping discourage anything you do! If you have enough talent, love, passion, dedication and determination, you will succeed no matter what. Put your heart and mind in to it and do the do!

Dwight: On behalf of everyone on Just Soul ( we would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours and your career.

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